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SPG Equine Stabilising Fibre

SPG Equine fibre is our premium blended synthetic stabiliser, made from polypropylene and polyester fibres which will dramatically improve the performance of any arena, whether this is incorporating with a new surface or old tired surface. Its primary aim is to alleviate a deep riding sand school, using the strong synthetic will enhance the life expectancy of any surface.

Increased cushion and flexibility is created within the root structure of the surface adding more energy and making it an ideal additive for those wishing a firmer more compact surface especially suited to jumping and commercial applications.

The natural properties of the fibres provides excellent cushioning for ligaments and relives stress on the muscles and joints.

 Some of the many benefits of our Fibre are include:

  • Improves stability and performance in new or existing sand surfaces
  • Creates a root structure in surface
  • Improves moisture retention in surface
  • Rides on top of surface and NOT IN IT!
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Cost effective
  • Greater elasticity
  • Stabilises lateral movement
  • Maintains excellent hoof grip and surface energy
  • High performance sure footed surface
  • Increased comfort and minimising fatigue
  • Greater consistency in varying weather conditions and minimises effect of frost
  • Cushions impact absorption
  • Reduces impact on joints
  • Premium quality, premier products are guaranteed 100% synthetic
  • Delivered in bales straight to your arena! 

Recommended for:

  • New arena’s
  • Existing tired arena’s
  • Gallops
  • Canter tracks
  • Lunging rings
  • Dressage arena’s
  • Jumping Arena’s
  • Polo arena’s
  • Flat training
  • Carriage driving
  • General schooling

Do not confuse this fibre with budget or economy fibres, these are specifically blended fibres.

                    Please contact us directly to discuss your requirements